Mother’s Day – A Ukrainian Soldier’s Message

There is always a time to thank those who brought us into the world and nurtured us as youth, though one of the best days to do so is on Mother’s Day! Ukraine’s soldiers have greetings for their mother’s on this upcoming Mother’s Day.

These files, greetings and files were obtained from a friend I have known for twenty-five years. I would like to share them with all my friends who support Ukraine in this difficult time, while Russia becomes a rogue nation and failed state. These young men are sending there best wishes to their mothers. Regardless of whether they are speaking Ukrainian or Russian they are patriots of their country. Unfortunately, I have not been able to embed these hi-resolution videos.

I have been given an exclusive to these files and I would appreciate if you all share them,they do provide an important message!

Denys Holodnyuk’s greeting to his mother:
Денис Голоднюк

Vadym Aznuryan’s greeting to his mother:
Bадим Азноур’ян“>

Viktor Antonenko’s greeting to his mother:
Bіктор Антоненко

Yuriy Veselsky’s greeting to his mother:
Юрій Bесельський

Vitaliy Sytnyk greeting to his mother:
Віталій Ситник

Kostya Klepach’s greeting to his mother:
Костя Клепач – Mother’s Day Greeting

Oleksiy Sokolovskyj-Sokil’s greeting to his mother:
Олексій Cоколовський-Сокіл-

Oleksandr Katerusha’s greeting to his mother:
Олександр Катеруша

We all have mothers! Please let’s cherish them and love them. Wish them all the very best on Mother’s Day!