Texas A&M – Out of Line on Alexander Dugin

On April 22 I was informed of a Webinar that will take place with one of Russia’s chief genocide-mongers Alexander Dugin and will be taking place at Texas A&M University.While we all love freedom of speech, the likes of Dugin and anything he speaks should be barred in all countries that support Ukraine’s democratic aspirations. Dugin should not only be on a no-fly list he should be on a no-internet list for all countries who have considered him persona non grata globally in every single medium available. It is time that internet laws catch up with standard laws to insure hate-mongers don’t have a word in our world.

Being in the Know

So who is this scum Dugin? Many don’t know and unfortunately fewer care. Dugin is in fact a genocidal freak who calls for the destruction of Ukrainians.  He clearly gets a lot of money to say what he does or he actually believes what he is saying. Such a scum should not have the privilege to evoke such hatred and should be banned globally.

Here is just one of Dugin’s wonderful thoughts about Ukrainians:

So administrators  at Texas A&M – please explain to me why you even except such a scum to participate even virtually on your university’s campus?  Do you support genocide?  While you may not officially you have opened up the floodgates of a Neo-Nazi supporter by the name of Preston Wigginton. He is to be known as a Neo-Nazi supporter, and his profile clearly puts him in touch with Putin’s Nazi troops. To invite the likes of Dugin to a virtual lecture in Texas as far as i, and probably many others who support Ukraine, to be criminal.

Call Out

While Texas A&M may like to pretend that they are supporting “Free Speech” the administrators that let this Neo-Nazi promote such bullshit, they should be considered terrorists as well as the scum Mr. Wiginton! I personally who have had family members suffer because of Stalin’s ideology, one which Mr. Dugin seem to love, he and all his followers should be shut out of any discourse. Though you, seem to think it is alright. Maybe it is time that you understand your position in society.

In this I state that unless Texas A&M doesn’t understand the criminality of Neo-Nazi Wiginton, and forbidding him to use university premises for such hate-mongering – then please understand you should not be promoting the hate for such faecal matter in the USA or anywhere.

At the same time the Justice Department of the United States of America need to extend their legislation in the following manner:

  1. Travel bans on individuals must be extended to virtual bans on their presence via sources based in the United States of America, this should also apply to all nations that support Ukraine in the aggression from the Russian Federation and all its proxies;
  2. Any organization that supports those of the Russian Federation who bares hate towards Ukraine, will be fined as an organization $5,000,000 and a fine will be levied against a worker of that organization of $1,000,000′
  3. In the case that officials can not hold fascist and hate mongers accountable, they will be charged with no less than 365 days in jail for complacency in hate crimes. This will be a criminal conviction.

Maybe it is time that the administrators of Texas A&M understand who this person by the name of Preston Wiginton is. If you don’t that’s life. Maybe some of the people at Anonymous can help you understand! Simply, you should not be providing any facilities to a fascist like Preston Wiginton