Ukraine’s Run for Sziget

Nearly twenty years ago was the first of Ukraine’s run for Sziget, most didn’t even understand what had happened, but the band Braty bluzu from the wonderful pre-Carpathian town of Kalush were the first to perform at the even then well-renowned music festival, in a newly revive democratic Eastern Europe!

Yesterday, I was informed of a great competition which is pitting Ukrainian musicians against each other to be participants in the 2015 Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary. Yuriy Zeleniy who informed me of this had long worked with an agency called FDR in Ukraine which had their on rating system of Ukraine’s music scene and also redistributed other global TOP lists for music.

When I received his notice via Facebook  I know i was in for  a surprise of some new material .

I am not certain if Yuriy is involved in the selection process but the opening statement of the following site states the following:

We picked Top 40 Ukrainian bands that have announced their intention to conquer Sziget 2015 with a  spectacular performance on the Europe Stage! Who exactly will represent Ukraine at the “Best European Festivalwill determine by your voice and music experts. Discover new names, vote for your favourite band  via Facebook and Vkontakte, share your choice with your friends!

Take some time and listen to the participants. I hope that they will all get some representative presentation due to this selection process, but also taken a look at by my friend Timothy will take a listen.

Don’t be a dullard, support the musicians trying to kick some musical butt at Sziget.

Do it at participants! .

Just as a complete aside, I heard about the band that is leading now, in late 2008 when I ran into a journalist friend I had met a Kupidon.

Best of luck to all!