Special Social Media Reach Offer

Do you have a social media reach of over 100K? If so you may consider lending your reach to an initiative by two Canadians. I was an expat in Ukraine for nearly ten years, my friend is still there.

On June 18, 2014 Nadiya Savchenko was abducted by Russian backed terrorists and against the rules of the Geneva Convention she was transported with a bag over her head to Moscow. The criminals of Moscow tried to implicate her in the murder of two Russian journalist in a Stalin-like show trial. On December 13, 2014 she started a hunger strike. Today is day 47! She is prepared to die for the oath she gave to the nation of Ukraine as military pilot.

On January 26, 2015 a major international campaign was held to support her release from her illegal detention in a Moscow reprimand jail No-6. All efforts were made by Kremlin paid trolls to silence this event online. However, there were countless physical demonstrations globally.

One Million Tweets for Nadiya

Nadiya Savchenko, while still in the captivity of the criminally and politically captured state of Moscovy and Putin, she was elected under a very populist manner of campaigning in Ukraine – the party list. While I don’t approve of such methods of “democracy” she is now a member of Ukraine’s Parliament the Verkhovna Rada. As a member of Ukraine’s legislative body she was put forth as a delegate from Ukraine to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, often referred to as PACE.

On January 26, 2015, earlier this week she was officially recognized as a PACE delegate. On this very day, after a great deal of planning by one individual who goes by the handle @glastnostgone on Twitter in collaboration with those with Euromaidan PR – staged a Twitter Storm with the aim of acquiring one million tweets to support Nadiya Savchenko.

Unfortunately, there seemed to be some mischievous dealing by Kremlin trolls in creating misleading hash-tags for the #Reservation one which had gained quite a bit of popularity.

Today I was very appalled to hear a response which @glasnostgone received from the “venerable” BBC!

While I support this valiant effort, I look at social reach in a very different vein, and have had some experience in using a tool called Thunderclap. I was approached by EuroMaidanPR regarding this tool due to my previous experience of using this tool, but then somehow communication ceased.

An long time friend I met in Kyiv in 2000, and fellow Canadian contacted to help him with a Thunderclap campaign regarding Nadiya Savchenko a little more than a week ago. Having learnt from previous mistakes in running such campaigns I would say we have been quite successful, though we want to push it a little more in the last 36 hours.

We have hit over a 250K social reach, though our goal is 300K social reach with 300 supporters. Simply stated – 300K with 300 supporters!

The Offer

I personally am ready to offer any individuals with over 100K social reach a signed CD of my old roomate Myroslav Levytsky – “The City That Never Sleeps“. If you have 100k social reach and you add to this initiative and and provide me with your mailing coordinates. I will mail you a copy of this CD published in 2011.

Time is running out, but you can add your social reach to this important matter! Let’s make sure the world knows that this innocent individual and patriot of Ukraine is being held illegal by Putin, in his politically captured state some refer to as the Russian Federation but I would rather refer to it as the failed state of Moscovy!

Where you need to contribute! It’s all here at https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/21419-freesavchenko?locale=en

If you have such a reach then send me a tweet to @uamuzik after adding your reach, I will with my partner and fellow Canadian verify this and will in due time send you a copy of the aforementioned recording.

Please do share this with your friends. Only those who can verify that they have provided a social reach of over 100K will be qualified. The top three supporters, once verified will be contacted for mailing information.