Dmytro Potekhin, a personal look at his abduction


You can download the file here: Nash Holos Nanaimo 2014-1015 Hour2


When my friend Dmytro Potekhin was abducted on August 7, 2014 the situation in Ukraine became very personal. One of the reasons it became so personal was clear; he was a good friend of mine. The second reason that really kind of hit home was that Dmytro is a proponent of non-violent approaches to resolving problems in society.

For some time, I like many of his friends, had no idea of his fate. I am certain we all hoped for the best but at the same time, worried about the news of finding his body somewhere. We had all seen such abuse before and it was something we all probably accepted as a possible outcome. However, thank goodness this was not the case with Dmytro.

Earlier this year, I had fixed an interview between Dmytro Potekhin and Nash Holos. Dmytro’s activity on Nash Holos played a great role in the deactivation of a Moscow backed radio program on the local radio station in Naniamo, British Columbia which hosts Nash Holos.

The episode originally aired on October 15, 2014 on the Naniamo, BC broadcast of Nash Holos during its second hour which can be found here. However the excerpt of that program is here in a smaller sized file for you to download and listen to Paulette’s twenty-three minute interview with Dmytro Potekhin on the go.