The Goodness of a Killer Tuna Sandwich

Change is a good thing and now is the best time for change in order that I refocus, and in doing so I want to share my recipe for a Killer Tuna Sandwich. Last weekend after the first long walk of 7.25 km that I’ve taken in over a year, I took a look around the kitchen after coming out of the shower. I needed something that was going to give me the protein I needed as well as some key elements that would keep me from wanting to nibble on other things later on in the day as it was still a couple of hours of a slow simmer of my Black and White Bean soup which was on the plan for dinner later that evening and for the next day or two.

Taking stock

I was pretty hungry and I didn’t really have a want to spend a lot of cooking, so it had to be quick and easy. Scanning around made some quick decisions. Tuna would provide my need for protein, avocado would replenish my potassium stores, iron and some good monounsaturated fats, and a little bit of Keen’s Dry Mustard will give this a bit a bite. Holding it all together would be some plain low yogurt from one of my favourite local suppliers. I put this all on a locally supplied Austrian Sesame Bread, which was also locally bought. All of this I would turn into a Killer Tuna Sandwich, and when you do the same you too will realize just how good it is.

Ingredients – about 317 calories per serving (makes three sandwiches)

  • 1.0 whole avocado, Fresh Avocado
  • 0.5 cup (8 fl oz), Yogurt – Plain, whole milk
  • 1.0 can, Fish – Tuna, light, canned in water, drained solids
  • 0.25 tsp(s), Dry Mustard
  • 6.0 slice(s), Austrian Sesame Bread (Nut Free)
  • 1.0 cup(s), Cucumber, Peeled, Raw, Sliced

Putting it all together

Like I mentioned this was something that had to short and sweet regarding preparation and assembly. I a bowl mash together the avocado, tuna and yogurt and mix the mustard powder into the yogurt as you mix it. You can substitute the mustard powder with your favourite flavour of mustard, a nice Dijon with some crushed mustard seeds would add some extra texture to this killer tuna sandwich. Make sure that all your ingredients are well mixed together then let them stand so that mustard taste penetrates every last spot and will tantalize your taste buds as you eat it a short while later.

The next step is to toast your bread, this adds some body to your sandwich and there are actually some benefits of toasted bread over plain bread and just how you body will process that primary intake of carbohydrates and starches.

While you’re toasting your bread you can slice up your cucumber. In this case I peeled my cucumber from the garden as the skin had some tough blemishes that did not look extremely appetizing. The cucumber is a stark contrast to the light bite of the mustard, though had you mixed a bit more the contrast would be much more clear.

Dollop your mixture evenly between three toasted pieces of bread, top them off with cucumber slices and cover them with the remaining pieces of toast. If you like be fancier, hide the cucumber between two layers of your filling. Regardless of how you do it you will have one hell of a Killer Tuna Sandwich.

What’s in it for you

In a closer examination of what’s in it for you, take a look at the breakdown below. This could all be changed by improving the type bread that you would use in putting together this Killer Tuna Sandwich.





36 g

12 %


10 g

16 %


2 g

9 %


1 g


5 g


0 g


22 mg

7 %


505 mg

21 %


5 g


Dietary Fibre

5 g



4 g


23 g

46 %

Vitamin A

8 %

Vitamin C

47 %


13 %


21 %

The chart above is based on a 2000 calorie daily diet and may vary from person to person.

I was actually quite hungry so I had two of these sandwiches and shard the third with my mother. She is in her eighty-fifth year and unfortunately was brainwashed by those TV dinner advertisements and instant this and that food that was being pushed on everyone mother of post war boomers. She seemed to enjoy it, which for me is always a delight, because she is extremely finicky when it comes to how things taste.