A small bump in the road…to Koktebel

Needless to say, I am a little shocked that Orest over at Ukrainian Musical Matters closed down his blog supposedly on my account, but that is a topic of another post.

As in all online competitions to select musicians, when you run one for the first time you hit a few bumps along the way. This seems to have happened with the people at the Koktebel Jazz Festival. After having their voting process up for many months, along with their very unclear set of rules of who could participate in the competition, when a number of musicians began receiving little postings next to their competition entries stating they would be removed from the competition. There were a few different bands that I like besides my friend Yevhenia Sakharova who found themselves in this position with a little more than a week of voting left, some of which I have heard perform before. All this happened after the server was down for maintenance last Saturday for more than seven hours. So some were considering it to be foul play…

After review the comments of the “Expert Council” on many different bands who had this happen to a couple of friends and I contact Yevhenia. “Zhenniu, we seldom see you perform as a duet, you have to do something if you really want to go to Koktebel! See if you can’t resubmit with your regular band members…”

Yevhenia, with our moral support found the right phone numbers to call and did what she had to, and early this morning I found out from her as well as other partners in crime that her new application with her more complete group was excepted.

Better yet, I just found out from her that her votes for her new entry of Сахарова & Band would be merged with the votes which she receive from today until the end of the competition on August 4, 2008. So if you haven’t registered and voted, then please do so.