Talking about tight

A few days back I posted about a guy by the name of Andriy Antonenko, aka Riffmaster. While I have had the opportunity to listen to recorded material that Andriy has put out, it was not until last night that I could really appreciate the level of talent of Riffmaster.

I have been kicking around in Ukraine for over nine years now and before coming here I listened to a lot of different music while in Canada, from the Powder Blues Band to RUSH, from ELP to Doug and the Slugs and from Three O’Clock Train to the Hoodoo Gurus not to mention all the classic rock of of the 60s, 70s and 80s. I also had the good fortune to kick around with various musicians who were talented as well as friends of mine. The likes of Jeff Smallwood, guitarist and backing vocals for Canadian Luba, Waymon Boone originally from Montreal who then left for NYC to form Splender with James Cruz, but now lead man with Sacremento-based Headrush, just to name a few.

Since I’ve been here I have become acquainted with a good number of musicians of many different genres of music, Taras Chubay, all the guys from Haydamaky and Mertviy Pivni, Korolivski Zaitsi, through Myroslav Levytsky Canadian Lionel Lodge and Dutchman Rens Newland and really the list goes on and on, but I can’t remember everyone I have met, seen perform or had drinks with, but that just gives some idea of the depth of musical contacts I have.

Like mentioned above I met Andriy Antonenko not that long ago, and last night I went out to see Riffmaster perform at a place in the Obolon district called the Skyhall at the Dyvosvit recreational complex. What I heard was nothing short of amazing.

With Riffmaster on guitar, Victor Lukyanov on rhythm guitar, Oleksiy Kurbakov on acoustic bass and Dmytro Bida on drums, the guys put together a sound that was so tight it was evident that these guys have been around the block a couple of times. While I had been given a presentational CD back in February, the full sound of a live concert made the recording sound quite bland.

While the event may not have been heavily attended those who were there had an opportunity to hear a full rich sound that the four could produce together with Riffmaster’s vocals. While at the current time Riffmaster only has two songs in the Ukrainian language, Misyats and Smysl he told me that he plans on writing more. A friend of mine and fellow blogger Pawlina on the Nash Holos told me she adores Misyats.

They opened up the show with the first track of their album Riffmaster Tony and followed up with the title track Beautiful Day.

If you ever have a chance on seeing these guys perform live, do it, you won’t regret it.