Skhidna liha

Skhidna liha‘s first show was broadcast last Friday July 6, 2007 on Radio Continent. A number of people contacted me to note that the streaming of their site was not working, particular readers of this blog in North America. I was told by technical staff at Radio Continent that they have two different streaming servers; however, unfortunately I still have not received the URL for North America, so in the mean time I will provide a link from which you can listen the first broadcast of Skidna liha.

Remember, this program was developed for the Ukrainian market, hence it is in Ukrainian. This week’s special guest is Yevhen Stupka, the General Director of MTV Ukraine, which should be starting up its broadcasting within the next six to eight weeks.

Just point your browser or your audio player to the Danapro Ltd. website to listen or download the first program broadcast on July 6, 2007. Enjoy! I hope to provide this historical show here in the next while. I have to go back into my personal archives.