Revanche on Eurovision

Well last Friday night it was made official. Verka Serduchka the stage name of Andriy Danylko was chosen to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest. Does this come as a surprise to anyone? I would say it doesn’t. It just goes to show the low level of professionalism at the First National Television channel of Ukraine.

True, in most countries with well developed music industries, musicians do not even consider entering the Eurovision Song Contest, a made for television show showcasing talents of the different countries who are members of the European Broadcast Union.

Clearly Ukraine doesn’t have a developed music industry, but nor does it have seasons music listeners who understand top class music.

Unfortunately back in 2005 Mykola Tomenko made a political decision to put forth Green Jolly for the Eurovision Song Contest. Well as a result two years later we have Verka Serduchka…